Lifestyle newborn photography

vs posed newborn photography

Newborn photography styles

Lifestyle newborn photography session vs posed newborn photography session

A newborn is only a newborn for around two weeks. Parents who would like to have either a lifestyle or posed newborn photography session organized have only a little time frame in which newborn photographers normally capture this very precious first days of life. With such a small window of time it is important to choose a right newborn photographer.

Newborn photography popularity

Newborn photography has became incredibly popular since the 90’s when Ann Geddes started the genre with little newborns in the flowers, pea pods, giant shoes etc. Nowadays many new parents hire a professional photographer to document those sweet, first days.

There are two, totally opposite styles of newborn photography. We have styled newborn photography and lifestyle kind of newborn sessions. Most newborn photographers fall more into either one of or the other style.

‘What is the difference between lifestyle newborn photography session and posed newborn session?’  is a very common question asked by parents before booking a newborn session. If you are client in a search of a newborn photographer you want to know the differences to make sure you hire the right person to document those very special moments.

Those two styles of photography sessions have got lot in common there are also major differences. I hope this post will help you to decide which type of newborn photography session is right for you.

Posed newborn photography

Firstly, for posed newborn photography pictures studio is the best location. We have all the props available in one place and I take mostly sleepy baby pictures.

Secondly, many newborn photographers like studio setting for the ability to control the session flow and lightning familiarity. Furthermore, all the props are on hand what is a huge advantage. What’s more, as a new parent you will get a little break and let the photographer take care of everything.

In posed newborn photography sessions the baby is in focus. You may see a picture or two with mum and dad however majority of the session is about the baby only. Posed sessions are very creative, we kind of mold the baby into all those adorable poses, creating scenes etc. Those sweet newborn photographs still attract many clients and no wonder as the pictures are absolutely cute! :)

newborn session in standard newborn photography posed style

newborn session in posed style

from pose in styled newborn photography session

newborn session in standard posed style

newborn session inposed style

Please visit my portfolio to see more posed newborn photography images.

Lifestyle newborn photography

Your home is a perfect place for lifestyle newborn photography session. Baby can be awake for those kind of newborn pictures, session itself generally feels very natural.

Lifestyle newborn photography session tends to be more interactive. I don’t use that many props in lifestyle newborn photography session, in fact I use more natural settings, for example bedroom, crib, sofa. In lifestyle newborn photography I like to include pictures of baby crying, yawning, sleeping peacefully, all in a very natural way. In fact freezing those moments and capturing the details turns out to be the most meaningful to parents. Lifestyle newborn photography is a story telling reportage.

In both types of newborn photography sessions we take family and siblings pictures but not that many in posed newborn session in comparison to lifestyle newborn session.

baby photography london

beautiful baby photos lifestyle sessions london

newborn session in natural style, lifestyle newborn photography session


beautiful-newborn photography london
Please visit my portfolio to see more lifestyle newborn photography images.

The main difference

The main difference in between lifestyle and posed newborn photography session is the level of natural, organic photography compared to posed, controlled setting. Lifestyle newborn baby sessions feel more intimate and natural than posed sessions.

I have been a newborn photographer for the past 8 years. While I enjoy looking at styled photographs of newborns, like the knee to elbow pose, the beauty and simplicity captured in lifestyle photography pictures are what I love the most.

Does it have to be either-or?

Being a mother myself I know how important it is to feel that your baby is in good hands. It is the greatest compliment when clients say they trust me completely.

Many clients still choose posed styled sessions however in last couple of years more and more parents decide to go towards the lifestyle newborn photography sessions. I have trained myself well in posed newborn photography and for the same reason I feel very comfortable with this style. Today, most of the time I do a  a mixture of posed newborn photography and lifestyle newborn photography.

What does it mean? Images with highly creative studio poses are then followed with organic and intimate photographs taken in the studio or family’s home setting.

Home or studio? If you decide to come to the studio you will find a wide range of props to choose from. What are props? Props we call all kind of things we use for babies sessions, specifically blankets, flokati, baskets, hats, headbands, little prams, chairs etc.

Would prefer having newborn session at a comfort of your home? No a problem at all. I’ll call you for a brief phone chat or we can exchange few emails to figure out what would you like me to bring for your phtoshoot. It is essential to get to know your style a bit better as I can only take a number of props with me. I can assure you it will look like I am stying overnight at your place anyway or like I’m moving in! :) Travelling to the client’s home without a doubt gives an opportunity to take, beside standard newborn images we can also take family pictures with a characteristic to a household settings.

Professional newborn photographers tell stories.

If you like all the props, bits and pieces in the pictures and you will hire a lifestyle photographer you are going to be disappointed. Without a doubt it is worth to discuss your preferences with a photographer of your choice. Not only it is an investement of your money but also your baby will never be that small again. I would say it’s a one in a lifetime kind of photography session and for the same reason researching right photographer is unquestionably essential.

What style of newborn session do you prefer?