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faq newborn photography session

If you have any questions regarding the baby session please take a look at the list below, we hope our faq newborn photography session will help.

‘When should I schedule my newborn photo session?’
 The key to having a successful newborn photo shoot and achieving those “sleepy, curled up poses” is to have us photograph your newborn within the first 14 days of life.   That being said, I have photographed some stunning images of newborns and babies at later stages, up to a month old.

‘How far in advance should I schedule my newborn photography session?’
 I encourage to book your newborn photo session in advance, I can only take a limited number of bookings per month. Typically the calendar is full for 2-3 months in advance  Your “due date” will be placed on our calendar and I will be looking forward to hearing from you just as soon as the baby is born.

‘Once our baby is born, what should we do?’
 Once your baby is here, have someone contact me within 2 days after the delivery so that we can select a date for your session. To ensure the sleepy, newborn poses, I advise scheduling your session up to 14 days after the delivery.

‘How long will the baby session take?’
 My typical newborn photography session take about 2-4 hours. Sessions with twins may run longer. I take time for soothing, feeding, precise posing. Please reserve 4 hours for your session in case your little one is sensitive to handling and needs more time to settle between poses.

‘Are there any additional costs that I’ll need to cover?’ 
You are responsible for covering additional fees and costs related to your location (admission fees, parking, etc.). All home visits are subject to £100 additional charge.

‘How do I prepare for my newborn photography session?’ 
I have prepared a set of guidelines for my clients and ways that you can help your newborn session go as smoothly as possible. You will receive this information just before your session.

‘Do you take family or sibling photographs?’
 Yes, I usually take individual pictures of parents with a baby and a family photo. If you wish to have siblings photograph, please inform me in advance.

Didin’t find an answer to your questions in faq newborn photography session list and still having questions? Please contact me directly using the contact form and I will be happy to help out.

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