‘A camera doesn’t take a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel’ – Peter Adams

Choosing a newborn photographer

Are you are currently pregnant and looking for a newborn photographer to photograph your newborn baby? Then this post is just for you!

Choosing a newborn photographer can be very difficult. Some parents will base their choice purely on their budget. Others on the other hand will decide to invest in an experienced photographer that images are most appealing to them.

How to choose? What are the most important questions you should ask yourself and the newborn photographer before deciding?



Professional newborn photographer will have many years of experience.

Of course everyone had started somewhere but when it is about your baby you will need to decide what is more important factor for yousrelf – experience or low fees. Starting up photographers often charge much less than professionals.

Expereinced newborn photographers are well trained and must always hold an insurance. An experienced newborn photographer will be very comfortable with posing newborn babies and saftety of the baby is always the top priority during the session. Expereinced newborn photographer will not allow your baby to feel uncomfortable while being posed and will only choose positions that are safe and comfortable for your little one.

Please be aware:

  • professional newborn photographer will never force the baby into dangerous or uncomfortable positions
  • your baby should be comfortable and safe at all times
  • positions that require using a composite in the post processing stage should never be attempted with the baby supporting the weight of its own head or body.



Your newborn photographer can be either a natural light photographer or studio light photographer. Both can be really good. A fully equipped newborn photography studio will have many props and great camera eqiuipemnt to take quality photographs. Quality images are a result of session and post-processing, in other words – retouching that happens after your newborn photography session. For this purpose a photographer needs a very good editing equipment including best computers and quite a few software types.



The work is still to be done after your newborn photoshoot. Retouching is a very time consuming process and is necessary to provide you with the best quality of the photographs. Every detail from the lightening, contrast, colour, sharpness is adjusted. Skin is retouched, background fixed, composite shots blended. Editing skills are very important and this part will bring the best of your photographs.

london newborn baby photographer


Offering a proffesional newborn photography service involves much more than owning a good camera and lots of props.

Experience, equipment and software programs to edit and print photographs, website, accountant, insurance, props, backdrops, trainings, rent, utility bills and many many more factors will determine photographer’s costs and necessary session price.

In addition to financial investement newborn photographer needs to have the best skills in newborn posing and safety during the session.

There are many cheap newborn photographers on the market. They offer incredibly cheap prices. There is always a reason why prices are low. Professional newborn photography is incredibly expensive business and a professional newborn photographer simply can not afford providing services at prices that will make no sence to the business. Proffessional newborn phtotographes spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds each year on props alone.

If someone charges very little for the service you should ask yourself few questions. Anyone running a newborn photography business and charging that little simply couldn’t survive on that, even if having sessions every single day.

Photographers with great reputation and experience will charge much more and will be still in demand. Low priced photographers are often offering a low quality service. It is your choice what’s more important for you – many average images or few best quality, amazing photographs of your new addition?

newborn session in standard newborn photography posed style

Why first 2 weeks are the best time frame for newborn baby photos?

First 14 days are often recommended time frame for newborn photography session. Why? It is the time when the baby is still very curled up and sleepy.

Of course sessions are possible with older babies however sleepy poses are not guaranteed. Ther will be many more pictures with the eyes open, which are cute as well! Each baby is uiniqe and sessions should always run according to particular baby’s needs and mood.newborn baby photography

Meeting parents expectations

Parents often have certain expectations, most probably they have seen many photos of newborns and created their own ideal set of images they’d love to get.

It is recomeended to discuss this with a photographer of your choice in advnce.

Will your photographer be able to meet your expectations? Can they provide set ups of your favourite image, specific pose or prop?

I personally like to know the style of my clients before the photoshoot and I always prepare the session accorindgly to specific expectaions. Some clients like to use many props and on the other hand there are many that would rather not make use of too many props. It is best to prepare and ensure the client will be satisfied from the service.

Photographer will create few different set ups and will make sure you have enough images to choose from afterwards.


Organising the day

Beside all above there are few more details you need to consider before hiring a newborn photographer:

  • Where is the studio based or how much will it cost to have the photographer coming for a home visit?
  • How long will the session take and is there a limit in the duration?
  • How long will you take you to get to the studio? Allow few extra minutes for traffic.
  • Is it a high street studio or home based studio? Is there a parking? If it’s a home visit – will I have a parking for the photographer? Newborn photographer will have amny props in the car and has to park as near as possible.
  • Will you be taking siblings with you? Have you informed the photographer?
  • babynewbornphotographer

How does it work with Ribbon & Pearl Photography?

  • 7 years of experience and nearly 2000 newborn babies photographed
  • 80% of my business are returning clients and recommendations
  • My studio is based in RM17 area (Essex). I serve central London area and all surrounding counties.
  • I don’t limit my newborn sessions in time but to give you an idea it takes on average between 3-5h.
  • Parking available in front of the studio
  • Siblings are welcomed in the studio. Grandparents as well. Please do not bring friends and other family members or contact me in advance to discuss the situation.

I hope above information will highlight to you an importance of choosing a right newborn photographer.

Should you choose Ribbon & Pearl Photography to provide a service of photographing your newborn baby I look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact me using contact form available here or if you have already decided please fill in an online booking form and I’ll get back to you with all the information and what to do next. You can also call me at 0786 835 0374 or email me at katherine@ribbonandpearl.co.uk


Katherine x