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Blog is a great way to share recent sessions and sneak peeks with clients. There is only a certain number of photos I can share in the portfolio so it is a good way to add a bit of a freshly taken pictures.

As a professional photographer I need and want to keep myself up to date with recent new techniques, fashions, props and all the staff related to newborn and maternity photography. Because of that reason my portfolio changes with time, grows, together with my education and vision. It is important to be attracted to the style of the photos you see here and in newborn photography portfolio as those images indicate the style of certain photographer (here me). I am always happy to hear your ideas as well, if you have any special requirements or kind of a ‘dream photo’ to take – let me know and we will work on it to make it happen for you.

Beach sessions – maternity photography, family photography, children sessions

Just recently I started to travel south to the beach with clients that wanted to have their pregnancy photography sessions on the beach. This is a great day out and I thick it is so worth the time and effort! The images are simply amazing and we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything like that in Central London.

I will also share some training posts and videos here so photographers are welcomed as well. Newborn photography is a wonderful thing to do however as we all know it requires skills, perfection in what we do, patience and experience. If you will have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Enjoy our newborn photography blog as well as other photography related blog posts!

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